Ergo Plastic Cutters


Head Type:Taper Slim
Overall Length:5.70
Body Width:.62
Cutter Length:.97
Image of S66ENN


  • Forged high chromium, high carbon alloy bearing quality steel.
  • Electronic induction hardening, for longest edge life.
  • Super sharp jaws with super flush honing for ease of squeeze and minimal spike.
  • Scrivets for perfect smooth bearings and knife alignment, ease of squeeze and adjusts.
  • Longer double ergo handles for high leverage, less operator force.
  • Adjustable stainless leaf springs for fast response.
  • Thermal insulating, soft touch, static dissipative textured foam grip.
  • Anti-glare black finish, distinctive and ergonomic to the eyes and easily marked.
  • Set screw cut control and blade life insurance.