Pneumatic Cylinders


Manual Size 05


Air Supply:

1. For increased life and better performance use an air filter and lubricator. 2. Working air pressure should be set to between 80 and 100 psi.


1. DO NOT PUT FINGERS BETWEEN JAWS! 2. The end cap can be rotated up to 180 degrees for proper orentation of blades. 3. Disconnect air supply when changing blades. 4. Do not exceed the cutting capacity of the blades. 5. Lubricate the blades 2-3 times a day for better life. 6. Operating the blade without cutting material between will shorten blade life.
Max Supply PSI
Pneumatic Actuator Image


Manual Image
#Part & # RequiredPart #Description
1Cylinder (1)P-PN-00505 CYL
2End Cap (1)P-PN-00705M CAP
3Piston (1)P-PN-00605 PISTON
4Cylinder Spring (1)P-SP-022.07X.91X1.58
5Piston O-Ring (1)P-OR-005116
6End Cap O-Ring (1)P-OR-0012.0X23
7Blade Bolt (1)P-RI-064.157X.8
8Bushing (2)N/AN/A
9Nut (1)P-SS-0484MM
10Lever (1)HANDALEVER*=part of HANDA
11Trigger (1)HANDATRIGGER *
12Trigger Spring (1)P-SP-030180X.224X.025*TOR-SP
13Valve (1)P-PN-04705 SPOOL
14Valve O-Ring (1)P-OR-013010
15Valve Spring (1)P-SP-021P56
16Roll Pin (2)P-SS-0441/8X.75 *
17Hanger (1)HANGER
18Ball (1)N/AN/A
19Pipe Plug (1)N/AN/A

Rebuild Kits (Includes piston, spring, O-rings, mounting screw and nut)

PTR-05-RK EOAT and Manual Size 05 Rebuild kit
PTR-10-RK EOAT and Manual Size 10 Rebuild kit
PTR-20-RK EOAT and Manual Size 20 Rebuild kit
PTR-30-RK EOAT and Manual Size 30 Rebuild kit
PTR-50-RK EOAT and Manual Size 50 Rebuild kit